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mws permissions after confirmation

MWS Developer Access Confirmation and Re Authorization Explained

Amazon recently updated how it enables sellers to authorize third-party access through MWS. When a seller authorizes a third-party service like Seller Labs to access their seller account through MWS, they now receive an email with the subject “Enabled MWS Developer Access Confirmation”. Here’s what the email says: In order to complete sign-up for MWS Developer Access Confirmation, please click the button below. This will verify that we can reach you at this email address. Enabling Developer Access Confirmation is [...]


Repricing Schedule How to Manage your repricing activity efficiently.

Repricing Schedule, This time I am with most discussed and most requested update in our software. Using repricer scheduler is very easy. Lets see the steps for setting up the repricing scheduler. Step 1: Click on the clock icon present next to your product listings (Inventory). Step 2: This will open a light-box with the settings and shown above. Step 3: Select the Day and From right hand column select the time range to run repricer. and Click on submit. Thats all, Take a note [...]

Managing Product Pricees

Managing Product Prices and Observing Repriced Values

In last article we studied about setting rules and conditions and this is enough to run repricer but while setting default rule if you have checked "Minimum & Maximum Prices per individual product" option then no Amazon Products will be repriced until you set product prices per product from products page. Lets check how to do that. (more…)

Configuration of Amazon Channels

Configure your Amazon Channel and Set Rules and Conditions

In previous article we learned how to signup to AmazeRepricer since Amazon Repricer server needs few hours depends on price plan you purchased to copy your Amazon Inventory to AmazeRepricer. In this mean time I recommend you must add your amazon channels and set repricer rules and conditions. In this article we are going to see how to add channels set effective rules and conditions and make your repricing effective on amazerepricer. Observing Pending Tasks Here repricer server keeps your updated with [...]

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